Same Day Appointments Available
At Schoppe Foot & Ankle

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM

Routine Foot Care

Schoppe Foot & Ankle offers routine foot care designed to help you maintain your foot health and comfort. Podiatrist-performed foot care is especially important for elderly and diabetic patients, who may have difficulty taking care of their feet or who need to pay close attention to their foot health.

Checking up on your foot health.

Each foot care visit includes a cleansing whirlpool therapy session followed by a thorough inspection of your feet. We’ll examine your nails and skin, and note differences in foot temperature that could indicate a circulatory or diabetic problem. We’ll trim your cuticles and nails and look for issues that need to be addressed, such as ingrown or fungal nails, corns or calluses, and abrasions or skin cracks. We’ll massage your feet to enhance circulation, and apply medication and ointments as needed.

Keeping you on the move.

By taking periodic care of your feet and proactively addressing any issues that may develop, the Schoppe medical team will preserve your foot health and help you to stay mobile and active.

Attention New Patients

Please visit the Medical Forms page to prepare for your visit. Thank You!

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